Rock Concert in Gràcia, Maceta Bar, Barcelona.

Hello fans! Come to La Maceta Bar, Saturday 27th July, to join us at 21:30 for our live, full band rock show in Gracia, Barcelona! We formed Foxiloro in Barcelona over a year ago starting with small acoustic gigs and as the band grew, we have adapted our sets to full band shows and we have played several small events in Barcelona.

The event this Saturday will be free of charge in order to film video footage for our music video.

What to expect in the Rock Concert 

We will be performing nine original Foxiloro band tracks written by ourselves and a small selection of rock and roll covers. Playing just after 21:30, make sure you get there a little earlier if you want to secure a table; if you want to dance and be captured in the video there is space at the front of the stage, everybody is welcome!

Our music is about empowerment and living life to the full. We have a blues style but often with energetic rock tempos and melodic, catchy lyrics to raise the energy. We play all our songs in both acoustic for smaller venues and full rock band show with electrics and percussion for a full experience!

La Maceta Bar Gracia, Barcelona

La Maceta offered to host the band a gig after hearing our first demo, Simon, performed by Foxiloro singer, Coral when she debuted a blues piano version of the track with her vocal coach at La Maceta in June. Jeff at La Maceta invited the band to play to promote original live music which the bar is famous for. It has is a spacious stage and seating area with a separate bar area with seats at the front. So, if you would like the chance to be in our music video, come along and enjoy the free show!

Foxiloro concert La Maceta

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