Music Release: Awakening Available on Spotify

Awakening Foxiloro Web

Music Release: Awakening on Spotify, available from Friday the 14th August. First official single from Foxiloro. One of a trio of singles we will be releasing over the next few months. Awakening is the first of our releases available on Spotify from Friday the 14th August.

Awakening Foxiloro Web

Click to listen to Awakening. 

The single Awakening is a co-written track. Inspirational, running out of time, and locked in a room. It came out of a simple guitar riff and some dance drum beats. An upbeat rock track with blues and psychedelic guitar sounds and a rhythm that makes you want to dance. One of our favourites to perform.

After we were forced to postpone our recording due to the Covid19 reaction, we made a decision and utilised the time to write new material. This includes Changing Times, which we will release at the end of September. Working in the studio durning on hot July, with our producer, Flavio Ferri, we set to record. After three days we had finished the recording and started to prepare the video. The video is available to see via our home page or You Tube channel.

Has been a pleasure to work with Flavio Ferri. It is important that a music producer understands the music and the sound you are persuing, therefore, with Flavio we felt secure by just followig his direction and trusting him.

You will be able to listen the track in our Spotify account and in our Social Media Pages:





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