Foxiloro New Music 2020!

Russ Foxiloro Rock Band

Foxiloro New Music 2020!

Thank you for liking and following us here and on our other accounts. Support on our journey is always greatly appreciated.

As you may know, we have had a busy couple of months with new music, perfecting our set list and recording live tracks. They are now available on our you tube and sound cloud. An updated version of Simon, with a melodic solo from Graeme and harmonic overlays by our NEW backing vocalist. Beatriz Rabboc, who worked alongside two of the band members, joined two months ago. Her vocals add a harmonic layer to the raw sound. We also have new music, videos and photos from our photo shoot.

You can hear a sample of our new video promotion on Instagram, Facebook and here on the link below. It features a video showing Foxiloro creating and rehearsing together before a gig. We used the new Simon live track behind the video to create an authentic rehearsal with live sound.

We are looking forward to releasing some new performance dates at the end of January when our wandering Bassist, Lewis, returns from his travels. We have a twelve song set list after working together on several new works over the holidays. We will be looking for bars or rock venues that would be able to accommodate a Foxiloro set in the next three months in and around Barcelona.

New music: Live Recordings

Our live recording session was a success and we managed to record our set list within seven hours. Carrying out a live recording for us was mega important, as we find it so much easier when we are connected musically; much more energy and feeling than when recording separately. Nothing beats live music and it is important for us that we sound like we do on the stage. To give the listener the same experience of watching live. Now the challenge is just to be ready to record at the end of January, when we are booked to go into the studio to record several of our tracks for Spotify?

Now we are perfecting, we will be in the rehearsal studio every weekend. Anyone who would like to get in touch and jam? You are more than welcome to contact us. We would like to welcome any other bands that would like to collaborate with gigs in the future.

Until then, Thank you and keep on supporting us, we appreciate it!

Keep your eyes peeled for our new material on our other social media accounts.


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