Changing Times Foxiloro’s new release

Changing Times single cover Foxiloro
  • Foxiloro’s new release: “Changing Times“, Written by Foxiloro, Music by Foxiloro Produced by Flavio Ferri
  • Release date 25-09-20


Just after the Covid19 confinements in Barcelona, we changed our original plan to record one of our earlier written songs, to record and produce Changing Times, as we felt it is more current and relevant. The track´s rawness was harnessed and there was next to no post production effects chosen. Both Flavio and the band wanted to retain as much of the ´real´ element to the song as when it had first been written. The idea of someone being in a confinement, isolated and thinking on the frustrating dilemmas we face as a planet and as humanity. The hypnotic guitar synths in the chorus add a radical contrast with the gritty vocals and help the melodic lyrics shine through to give ultimate impact. It is short and straight up with influences from The Clash, Fleetwood Mac and Joy Division.

Changing Times Post

Changing times is a track written in the quarantine and about current issues that have been highlighted with both Covid19 and the pollution of plastic on our planet. It proposes thought provoking questions and conveys different emotions from different perspectives.

We tried to convey a contrast on life before and after the covid19 situation and the emotions felt throughout. We also felt a huge degree of light was taken off the climate change crisis with the media concentrating on counting the death toll figures and saw the use of plastic with gloves and masks and plastic bottles for gels had increased since it arrived, which is having a knock on affect on the ocean. Pictures of animals with disposed of masks in the sea and other natural places and supermarkets enforcing plastic disposable gloves before discovering that using them was futile, if not more detrimental. We felt the media and government are ignoring the health of our society and planet at a time when it should be more obvious than ever we have to work at changing our lifestyles and commercial function.

Post Changing Times

“A drop in the ocean or an ocean of tears”, Changing Times, Foxiloro

This line, and the song in general, is referring to the teardrops that may be shed by a few in times of discomfort in contrast to how that can soon become an ocean of tears, the effects being felt by many. It also highlights the welfare and significance of the minorities in regards to the majority and how the impacts of small actions could prevent larger ones. We tried to amplify the cause and effect of small actions becoming larger and out of control. We used the ocean because this is one of the main concerns surrounding our planet at the moment, yet we are now facing the death of the marine life and increasing its suffering with our ever-increasing waste.

I think, like many at the start of this pandemic, I hoped this would mark a time for some well-needed renovation to our lifestyles and restructure to our existence on the planet. However, once the confinements came to a close, the big wheels started turning once again and we realise nothing has changed apart from new restrictions and illogical reasoning. We are not addressing any problems the pandemic has highlighted, ironically, just masking it. There have been no proposals for solutions. Instead people are plagued by fear and blame and as a consequence society splits. Something has to change.

 In our song, ´Changing times´ we try to raise awareness of this problem in that we all have to find common ground, make sacrifices and to stop judging, stop fearing and start changing and pushing those who have the power to make better decisions, to make them, now. For the future of everyone and everything on our planet.





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