A Rockin’ Good Start to the Summer

Foxiloro Rock Band BIO

Thanks to everyone that came to our latest gig at La Maceta bar. It was an amazing night; full of energy, great dancing and rock! We loved playing for you guys and will definitely take up the offer on the regular performances there.

Now we are back to the creation process in the rehearsal studio now for 8 weeks, to bring fresh material to our next gig in October. We will post all updates of the progress, upcoming gigs on our social media sites and here on the website.

We hope you enjoy the new video of Awakening that is being released this month! See you all in October for our next performance and feel free to contact us here.

The videos of the night and our performances of our tracks Playing It By Ear, Awakening, Simon, Absurd Reality are available above.

The ‘Awakening video is coming soon, featuring the gig that weekend, the band members and more. The date of the release will be the 10th of August and will be here on the website available to view in full.

Huge thanks to our official photographer Sara Lomas for the brilliant photos and videos.

The Awakening music video, made by Laurence Henderson depicts a journey of Foxiloro lead singer, Coral, and the song’s connection with the lyrics of empowerment, self belief and discovering abilities and dreams through awakening and changing your destiny.

The Awakening is one of the band’s first songs to have been written and is one of the many that band co-write and perform in their set list.

Follow @foxiloro on Facebook and Instagram to watch our latest announcements and see the latest photos in and out the rehearsal studio.

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